WELCOME TO thesimtech.com

Based on continuing contributions from the simulation community, thesimtech's goal is to become an 'online hub' for sharing ideas and information for all things related to medical simulation.

Currently you will find:

- A collection of free medical simulation scenarios contributed from various educators. Feel free to modify or run them as they are designed.

- An audio / visual stimuli database where you will find high quality image, video and audio files to use in your scenarios. Current sections are: ECG / EKGs (images), Ultrasounds (videos), XRays (images), Other (images) and Audio clips. There also also links to various A/V solutions, often used in debriefing.

- Moulage Information including 'How To' videos and documents.

- Resources has various documents/templates used at simulation labs that you may download.

- Links is a list of links to other online simulation based websites.

- News has anything I come across that looks interesting or fun in the medical simulation field.

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Please help thesimtech.com grow - its success is based on community contributions!
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